2023 Employment Trends: Part 2

Part 1 of our blog on the changing trends of employment covered 4 out of the 9 trends predicted by Gartner Research in 2023. In this blog, we will explore the remaining 5 trends and add our thoughts and opinions.

Focus on Wellbeing

A lot of the trends we explored in Part 1, appeared to have stemmed from 2020, where both employers and employers had to make drastic changes to workforces and working practices, quite suddenly. These changes, paired with the social, economic and political implications during that time has brought about many mental health challenges. Not recognising when your employees are stressed or experiencing poor mental health can directly affect employers and their organisation, through issues like absenteeism, presenteeism, leavism, poor performance and workplace conflict. It is important to note that mental health is a spectrum and therefore your employee can have a good mental health days and bad mental health days.

2023 (and onwards!) needs to be a year of focusing on how to encourage employees to talk about their mental health, how to encourage managers to spots signs of stress, and poor mental health and have difficult conversations in order to address any issues employees may be having. You may find these other blogs by us, helpful.

Make ED&I the centre of your organisation

In order to ensure that employees are engaged and feel included in their workplace, employers will need to start focusing on diversity and inclusion. This is a subject that is often ignored or pushed back. However, addressing the topics of equality, diversity and inclusion and making employees aware of what is acceptable in the workplace will not only eliminate workplace conflict but encourage an open discussion amongst employees.

We have seen a huge uptake in our ED&I training. Employers are starting to recognise the importance of training all their employees, but especially their managers, on unconscious bias, discrimination and unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.

Data Protection

Employee data is no longer collected in person, it is now all computerised and while this may be effective in that is time and cost-effective, there is always the looming fear of a privacy breach or data leak. There are proposals already for the GDPR to be revised, even though employers have only just got to grips with it!

Whilst we are not data protection lawyers, we recognise that data, and in particular data breaches, can cause real stress for employers and we’re happy to discuss your obligations and how to manage any such data breach from an employment rights perspective.

Recruiting Tech

As mentioned above, computerisation is an integral part of employment now and more recently it has been utilised more and more in recruitment, especially in the form of Artificial Intelligence. Should employers wish to use AI in their recruitment process, they will have to ensure there is more transparency about how it is being used and allowing employees to opt out of any processes that use AI.

AI use in recruitment is a fascinating idea as it could be a possible way to avoid unconscious bias or preconceptions being used in recruitment. We would love to talk to you, if you’re using AI in recruitment, to understand more about this!

Erosion of social skills

It has come to light that over half of the Gen Z population feel that their education has not prepared them to enter into the working life. Simultaneously, the existing workforce has seen an erosion in their social skills, due the impact of the pandemic.

In order to revitalise a team feeling and limit the sense of erosion, it is important to understand your team and help them understand each other. Gartner has suggest intentional interactions amongst employees is made of three elements: choice and autonomy, a clear structure and purpose and sense of levity and fun.

The three elements come together, to portray what the employee needs and wants, what the employer expects, and suggestions of a better work place environment.

At Thrive Law, we incorporate all three elements of this in what we call a ‘Licence to Thrive’. For further information on how you can incorporate this into your work culture, speak to a member of our Tribe.

Our Training

As we mentioned in both parts of our blog, training is a key trend that will dominate in 2023, and at Thrive Law we create bespoke line manager training, to assist managers in understanding what is required from them, what their obligations are and how to deal with conflicts that may arise in the workplace. For further information on how Thrive Law can provide training sessions for your organisation, please get in touch at

Did you know we provide outsourced HR services to businesses?

Using Thrive’s HR services makes your life easier; we provide you with quick and most importantly, correct HR decisions so your staff management is stress-free and sufficient. We take care of everything. From drafting contracts and handbooks tailored to your business to advising and supporting you through redundancies. There is no limit to our knowledge, if you have an HR question, our qualified solicitors have the answer for you. We are always one phone call away.

Why should you outsource your HR services to solicitors? Getting your HR services from a solicitor means, should a case ever proceed to tribunal everything we have ever discussed is protected by attorney client privilege meaning all conversations are protected. Whereas if you were to use a HR consultant, all conversations and documentations regarding that employee would be disclosable in tribunal.

Get in touch today to invest in your business and make your HR stress free. Contact us.


Please note this blog is for reference purposes only and is only accurate at which the date it was published. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Specific Legal advice about your specific circumstances should always be sought separately before taking or deciding not to take any actions. Please contact us if you have any questions on

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