Consultancy Agreements

What Are Consultancy Agreements?

Where an individual is self-employed, a consultancy agreement will be the contract which will outline the obligations between the company and the consultant.

Whether you are an individual or a company, we can advise on the contents of a consultancy agreement. If we can be of any assistance with drafting agreements, or with regards to worker/employee/consultant status, please contact us by clicking the button below.

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Why does it matter?

Although a consultancy agreement may expressly outline that an individual is to be regarded as self-employed, is the paperwork in place is not always conclusive as to the actual employment status or to an individual’s tax status.

A company should be careful as to how they treat an individual who should be self-employed, and what wording is used in conjunction with their contract, and how they are instructed, dressed, their ability to delegate etc. Otherwise, although a company may have assumed that the relationship is purely contractual, an employment relationship (and the corresponding rights and responsibilities) may have been formed.

How can we at Thrive help?

In the course of drafting any consultancy agreement, we can work with a company to assess the appropriate status of the individual and can advise as to whether the agreement accurately reflects that relationship.

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