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Contracts of Employment and Staff Handbook

A Contract of Employment is a key document which outlines the relationship between employer and employee. The staff handbook is a supporting document, which explains how the employer envisions the company running on a day to day basis.

Here at Thrive, we routinely prepare employment contracts and handbooks for our clients, on either a one-off project basis, or as part of the initial set-up work for our outsourced HR Clients. We can also create slightly more alternative contracts, including casual workers contracts, influencer contracts, and even contracts for hairdresser chair rentals.

We will work with you to ensure that the contract and the handbook is fit for your business. For example, if your staff all work from home, what are their insurance requirements, can they work flexible hours, what are their childcare requirements, and what are their responsibilities for confidential information?

Not only will our contracts actually achieve what you want it to do and cover what it needs to cover, but it will be created and worded in a way that mirrors your values and culture.

Section 1 Employment Rights Act

One very important point is that, regardless of the size of the company, an employee is entitled to certain core information from day 1. This key information is:

• Identity of both parties
• Job title or description
• Place of work and whether the employer will be required to work outside of the UK for more than one month
• Date which continuous employment begins
• Details of pay and pensions
• Conditions relating to holidays and any other paid leave
• Conditions relating to sickness and incapacity
• Details of notice of termination and whether the terms are fixed term
• Whether any collective agreements apply
• Details of any training
• Details of the disciplinary rules and who a person can appeal to
• Details of who a person can raise an appeal to

Realistically, this information required is extensive and is, in practice, is best achieved by ensuring an employee has an employment contract on or before day 1. This is yet another reason why our proactive and early approach is advantageous to all employers, regardless of size.
Bespoke Policies

As above, we want to ensure that your employment documentation is both relevant and practical. We have an extensive list of possible further policies we can provide, in addition to the usual “core” policies. This includes, but is not limited to, commission policies, menopause policies, unlimited holiday policies, and even policies on dogs at work.

We love working with companies who have innovative ideas and are always keen to draft bespoke policies to make their ideas a reality.


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