We always want our employees to be as happy as possible and excellent communication and transparency goes a long way to achieving that.  Unfortunately, sometimes an employee can have an issue which cannot be resolved informally.

How can we help employers?

We can help you to avoid the risk of grievances arising through our strategic workplace culture support.  Where an issue does arise, we can assist with all aspects of the process, whether that be advising on the format of the investigation or the structure and content of the grievance report.  We can also help you to ensure that the grievance is handled as sensitively as possible.

How can we help employees?

If you have concerns regarding the way in which you have been treated at work, we can assess the situation for you and support you in raising a grievance.  We can assist in drafting the initial complaint, which often then helps ensure that the process is as focused and constructive as possible.

Key to a grievance is the process; a well-written handbook can help a manager or an employer to know exactly how to conduct their process. In addition, as part of our Outsourced HR Support, we will support those managers and employers throughout. In some circumstances this can include us sending a dedicated team member to conduct an investigation or a hearing, as required.

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Why does it matter?

Ultimately, an employer will have a responsibility to deal with a grievance appropriately. A failure to deal with a grievance in line with Acas’ Code on Disciplinaries and Grievances could have severe consequences for an employer.

If a grievance includes allegations of discrimination or purports to amount to whistleblowing, it is particularly important that the matter is dealt with appropriately to avoid escalation of these claims.  It may be that the matter should then be considering within the parameters of a different company policy.

A fair grievance procedure means that an employer can respond proactively, and foresee and mitigate potential claims or allegations, rather than being faced with such accusations down the line.

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