Meet Jodie Hill

Managing Director and Solicitor

I believe that everyone should be enabled to ‘Thrive’ in the workplace and at Thrive Law we’ll work with you to understand you or your business and offer the right solution in terms of employment law, mental health and well-being.

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Meet Imogen Hamblin


I have known Jodie Hill since 2009 when we both undertook the Bar Vocational Course in Leeds. Jodie and I started working together in July 2018, when it was evident that we shared the same vision for the future of the legal profession and particularly relating to the type of safe environment we wish to work in. We are specialists in Employment Law, working with both Claimants and Respondents in order to achieve a positive outcome for both parties. We have a unique interest in mental health and coaching employers to create a positive and safe environment for employees to thrive.

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Meet Alicia Collinson


Even before joining, I was a huge supporter of Thrive’s initiatives and ethos. I’m thrilled to be a part of the evolution of this firm, the message of which I support so heavily. We practice what we preach and we have such nurturing work environment which is fantastic for our mental health and, perhaps more importantly, the quality of our work.

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Meet Tanya Dolan


I am inspired by the work of Jodie and the team at Thrive Law, especially working to encourage and support organisations in prioritising mental health in the workplace and the well-deserved diversity & inclusion awards it has received.

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Meet Uthman El-Dharrat


Upon encountering such a fun and vibrant team whilst on my legal placement, within a firm that really considered the importance of mental health in the workplace, I knew instantly that this was a firm I wanted to grow with and dedicate my legal career to.

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Meet Annabelle Oliver

Employment Paralegal

Thrive Law is fuelled by a passion to produce an exceptional quality of work whilst ensuring that mental health in the workplace is always considered. Both of these aspects are important to me and I believe we can achieve them with balance. Throughout most of my life I have always had balance whether I am working, studying, socialising, exercising or taking care of my health. It quickly became apparent to me that Thrive Law’s business culture advocates a balanced lifestyle between work, career and business and life, family, friends and health which I believe is vital to achieve the exceptional quality of work we aspire to produce.

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Meet Keith Williams

Office Manager

I graduated from The University of Leeds in 1996 with a 2:1 degree in English Language & Literature. My career to date has seen me at a variety of manufacturers, a stockbrokers, over 10 years at Asda Head Office and now the legal profession. As a manager for more years than I care to remember, the importance of mental health in the workplace became increasingly evident to me during that time and it's great to be part of a team that champions this cause.

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Meet Deborah Norbury


During my final year at university I completed my legal placement at Thrive working alongside Jodie and the Thrive team. I knew instantly that my values and passions aligned with the firms and team. Working for a firm like Thrive with strong initiatives and ethos is important to me and I knew I had found the firm where I could thrive in the workplace, be myself and grow into my legal career.

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