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Polly Coram

Deputy Risk Manager


Polly Coram is a qualified solicitor, with over 10 years’ experience of finding solutions for clients. Polly has accumulated a broad and varied CV, having commenced her career with Karen as a contentious litigator, before moving into industry to manage risk and compliance on a non-contentious basis.

It was Karen who sparked Polly’s passion and determination to “get things right in a practical way” and to solve not only the issue at hand, but also to minimise the risk of similar issues recurring. As Polly moved into industry, Karen continued to act as a friend and mentor and the gold standard for the policies and processes Polly was looking to introduce.

Over the years, Polly has represented both claimants and defendants in matters involving professional negligence, tax, trusts, and estate issues, and provided guidance to clients, insurers and interested parties on how to manage their risk.

Polly has assisted clients and organisations in improving and resolving issues relating to their conflict policies, anti-bribery, GDPR, HR, constitutional documents, and payroll across both the professional services and not for profit sector.

Polly has acted as a Charitable Trustee and Company Secretary.

Polly is passionate about helping her clients improve and reach their full potential, and key to that is practically and proactively managing their risk.


  • HR
  • GDPR
  • Ponflict policies
  • Payroll
  • Professional negligence




  • Charitable Trustee and Company Secretary

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