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Timothy Taylor’s x Thrive Law Brew Together

Timothy Taylor’s is one of the UK’s oldest family-owned breweries with over 160 years’ heritage of brewing award-winning cask ales. Established in 1858 when Timothy Taylor began brewing in Keighley, the company remains in the family and is the last independent brewery of its type left in West Yorkshire.

Timothy Taylor’s and Thrive Law not only have their Yorkshire heritage in common but have been working together for several due to their aligned values and incredible company culture.

In March, these brewing Extraordinaires and members of the Thrive Tribe, embarked on their continued mission to end the stigma toward mental health in the workplace. A topic that is prominent for most of us, especially following the aftermath of COVID-19, but still carries with it a lot of misinformation and lack of knowledge.

Mental Health First Aid England facilitate the training of individuals and teams in any workplace to accredit employees as Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs). Think of them just like a regular first aider, but for mental health! The course takes two days, is delivered online and provides trainees with a wealth of knowledge, scenarios, and tools that they can use in real life situations so they can better help their teams, colleagues and importantly, themselves. At the end of the two days, attendees will gain a MHFA certification that is valid for 3 years. The role of MHFAs in the workplace is an integral one, one that we believe should be present in every single business, no exceptions.

Here is what some of the Timothy Taylor’s and Thrive Teams had to say about their experience on the MHFA course:

Scott Cameron, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Timothy Taylor’s

 “At Timothy Taylor’s we have an ethos of continuous improvement that runs through our business. All the way from our brewing techniques to our staff welfare. The Mental Health First Aider training provided by MHFA England, in collaboration with Thrive Law, was another important stage of that journey.

“The training provided us with the essential tools to provide substantive support to both our own staff and the people we encounter on a day-to-day basis, who are perhaps struggling at that time with their mental health. It increased our awareness of the sometimes-hidden signals and prepared us for the often difficult, but necessary, conversations and guided us on where to direct people to get the help they need.

“We see this training as another step on a long road of understanding and education. Making sure Timothy Taylor’s is always ready to adapt to the needs of our customers and staff alike, whatever they may be.”

Jeremy Best, Regional Sales Manager at Timothy Taylor’s

“The Mental Health First Aider training with MHFA England gave us a far deeper understanding of mental health and its different forms. It also provided us with a simple structure in which to implement genuine support in the field, and proactively encouraged us to empathise with anyone who we come into contact with.

“Mental health training should be understood and prioritised by every business, as it’s the lack of understanding that hides it behind closed doors, or it only rears its head when it’s been allowed to manifest, prolonging the time needed off work.”

Katie Elvidge – Legal Assistant Thrive Law

“I really enjoyed taking part in the MHFA which was led by Tara. I felt comfortable enough to share my own experiences with everybody in the group, and it was such a nice feeling to do this.

I learnt lots of information about different mental illnesses and ways in which I should handle situations where people may be experiencing a mental health crisis. I think the course is vital for many workplaces, as it allows more and more people to learn about the importance of mental health, how it may affect people and how best to deal with crises.

One person getting the help they need can lead to the next. Ultimately, the stigma needs to be attacked and this course can help towards that.”

Want to find out more about becoming a Mental Health First Aider:

View our course details here: Mental Health First Aider & Champion Courses

And Book Here


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