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Lawyer-led outsourced HR and employment law support so your people can thrive

Thrive Law delivers outsourced HR and employment law support to employers of all sizes and across sectors.

Our core values of ED&I, mental health, wellbeing and neurodiversity are embedded in everything we do, including our services and solutions. They underpin our mission to ensure everyone can thrive in the workplace.

Thrive on demand

We offer packages of outsourced HR and employment law support services designed to suit all budgets, starting with an initial review of all your existing employment contracts and staff handbook.

Review of all existing employment contracts and staff handbook

We will work with you to undertake an audit of the current contracts you have in place. This will include a review of the adequacy of your contracts to ensure that they are compliant with current legislation.

We will go further, unlike most other HR and employment law offerings, and ensure that your contracts actually do what you want them to do and that they adequately protect the business. This will, in turn, minimise the future risks for you.

We will also review your current staff handbook or draft a new staff handbook and liaise with you to understand the current policies you have in place and advise on ones which the business would like to see implemented.

We can also provide further policies which can be inserted into the new handbook. If you have any bespoke requirements, we can of course assist with those as well.

For a more comprehensive service, we offer our HR Basic and Premium packages

Dedicated adviser, telephone advice, and guidance and support on all HR queries

Under our HR Basic package, we undertake the following scope of service:

  • Review and update, as required, your existing contracts and staff handbook.
  • Provide telephone advice on rolling these documents out to your team and assisting with any queries.
  • Provide recruitment and induction guidance.
  • Provide template offer letter and probation passing/being extended letters.
  • Employment law and know-how updates.
  • Quarterly/bi-annual online meeting.

​Our basic package provides you with telephone advice, guidance and support on all HR-related queries. You will have direct access to your dedicated adviser with a guaranteed same-day response within working hours. This package does not include any bespoke drafting.

We offer innovative and flexible pricing options to meet the needs of your business—find out more in the FAQs below.

Top 10 outsourced HR and employment law support services

Small and large businesses partner with Thrive on:

Access to a dedicated legal adviser

Preparation of bespoke letters and forms

Review of all existing employment contracts and staff handbooks

Employment law and know-how updates

Seminars and webinars hosted at various locations or online

Report to and liaise with your insurers, if required

Pre-employment claim negotiations with you, ACAS, and employees

Redundancy guidance and template letters

Stress risk assessment and wellbeing advice

Equality, diversity and inclusion advice

Personalised outsourced HR and employment law support

Thrive is a business just like yours and just like you, our greatest strength is our people.

That is why we partner you with a dedicated adviser and legal expert, who can be contacted via email and telephone during business hours—with a guaranteed same-day response.

Meet the Thrive team

Jodie Hill

Managing Partner

Crystal Boyde

Head of Outsourced HR and Employment Law Support

Senior Associate Solicitor

Alicia Collinson

Senior Associate Solicitor

Ashmina Vekaria

Senior Associate Solicitor


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