Employing a digital nomad? This is what you need to consider

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As the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle gains popularity, employers are increasingly considering the benefits of hiring remote workers who can work and travel freely.

But employing digital nomads comes with unique employment law considerations.

Here, we explore the key employment law consequences that employers need to be aware of when employing digital nomads.

Employment status and rights

Determining the employment status of digital nomads is crucial for understanding their rights and obligations. Employers must clarify whether they are classified as employees, workers or self-employed individuals.

This classification will determine the extent of employment rights and protections, such as minimum wage, working time regulations, and discrimination laws that apply to these individuals.

Jurisdiction and choice of law

Employers must consider which employment laws apply to digital nomads based on their location and the governing law specified in the employment contract. This requires a careful analysis of international and domestic employment laws to ensure compliance.

It is important to be aware that local laws may override contractual terms if they offer stronger employee protections.

The risk is that employers could end up with employees accruing rights in a jurisdiction they didn’t intend—and all the liabilities that go with it!

Immigration and work permits

Employers must navigate immigration requirements when hiring digital nomads who are based outside their own country.

It is crucial to understand the applicable visa requirements and work permits necessary for digital nomads to legally work in the employer’s jurisdiction. Compliance with immigration laws is essential.


Employers should consider the tax implications for digital nomads working remotely in different countries.

Tax obligations can vary depending on the duration and location of remote work, and ultimately there is a risk in badly structuring the employment of a digital nomad that could see the employer also become liable for corporation tax.

Understanding international tax agreements, local tax laws, and any potential double taxation issues is important to ensure proper tax compliance and avoid any penalties or legal issues.

Data protection and privacy

Digital nomads working remotely may handle sensitive employee and company data. Employers must establish data protection measures to ensure compliance with applicable data protection regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation.

Health and safety

Maintaining health and safety standards for digital nomads can be challenging.

Employers should conduct risk assessments to identify potential hazards and implement reasonable measures to ensure the health and safety of remote workers. In some cases, complying with local health and safety regulations may also be required.

Employing digital nomads offers numerous advantages for businesses, including access to a global talent pool and increased flexibility. However, employers must carefully navigate the employment law consequences to ensure compliance and protect the rights and wellbeing of both the digital nomads and the organisation.

By considering factors such as employment status, jurisdiction, immigration, taxation, data protection, and health and safety, employers can effectively manage the legal implications of employing digital nomads and create a conducive work environment for remote workers.

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