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The future of home working- Welsh Government announce long term plans for working from home

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The Welsh Government has stated its long-term ambition post-covid-19 to see around 30% of Welsh workers working from home or near home. Since the pandemic hit and the coronavirus restrictions were put in place there has been a huge decrease in people working from offices. Arguably, this has led to major benefits for not only the environment with a fall in road congestion, pollution and private car use but in employees’ mental health.

Whilst the English government is stressing the return to work, to facilitate the economic recovery of the high street, the Welsh government are looking into a network of community-based remote working hubs as part of their plans for long term remote working. This idea offers more than a simple home or office split; the hubs are to be located within walking and cycling distance of people’s homes and could be used by the public, private and third-sector employees.

By putting this in place the idea is to create a hybrid workplace model which gives Welsh people the option to work in the office, at home, or in a hub location depending on their preferences on where they are most likely to be more productive, or what works for them and their lifestyle. Such working conditions cater to depending childcare needs and provide the flexibly which promotes better mental health. The aim is that this will enable 30% or more of workers to work remotely, helping reduce congestion and pollution and improving work-life balance for employees and employers.

Flexible working at Thrive

Here at Thrive Law, we have always encouraged flexible working in our team pre-covid. As a firm, we are people-orientated and we know that flexible working is not only the most productive way for our team to work but it also promotes better mental health. Our team can choose to come into the office (following Covid guidelines on social distancing) or work from home. We have become completely paper-free by making these changes and are completely able to run our business and work efficiently remotely.

Do you know about Thrive Wellbeing?

Do you know what to do when it comes to your employee’s mental health?

Thrive Wellbeing is a mental health programme helping businesses to change their approach to employee mental health. Our 12-month wellbeing programme package is dedicated to helping you and your team champion mental health and offers something for everyone. The Thrive Wellbeing Programme has various online modules to complete, with guides for management, template policies, forms and emails, all ready to download and use in your business. As well as all these resources at your fingertips, you’ll receive regular email and video updates to help you keep the conversations going, and you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of 1-2-1 support from a dedicated, qualified solicitor.

This is an online interactive platform to create a healthy and inclusive workplace, it offers expert advice and support on mental health in the workplace! The programme has outstanding long-term benefits for businesses in terms of promoting a healthy and barrier-free workplace leading to reduced sickness absences and increased productivity amongst your staff!

Please get in touch here to invest in your business and your employees enquires@thrivelaw.co.uk 

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