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Our training sessions are designed to support businesses to ensure that everyone in the organisation can thrive. Whether it’s a short virtual or face-to-face session or a full-day leadership team event, we can produce bespoke, engaging training for any situation.

Below is a list of the training sessions we’ve created for some of our clients. In practice, however, we can work with you to assess what will be helpful and appropriate for you, perhaps putting a collection of suitable training sessions together for your employees.

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Legal, Procedural and Line Manager

  • Absence Management
  • Avoiding Discrimination In Recruitment
  • Balancing Misconduct With Mental Ill Health
  • Balancing Poor Performance With Mental Ill Health
  • “Banter” – What Is Unacceptable In The Workplace?
  • Discrimination – What Is It And What Are The Protected Characteristics?
  • Everything You Need To Know About Annual Leave
  • Flexible Working Rights And Requests
  • Gender Recognition And Pronouns
  • How To Deal With Disciplinaries And Grievances
  • How To Dismiss Fairly
  • How To Handle Difficult Conversations
  • How To Use The Handbook – What Every Manager Should Know
  • Investigation Training
  • Innovation in Employee Processes: How to Ensure You Still Comply with Legal Requirements
  • Leading Through Crisis
  • Managing Sickness Absence Due To Long Term Ill Health Conditions
  • Overlapping Disciplinary, Grievance And Absence Issues
  • Parental Leave Entitlements And Rights
  • Redundancy And Restructuring
  • Sexual Harassment And Sex Discrimination
  • Social Media And Employment Law
  • Supporting Families In The Workplace
  • The Employment Tribunal Process – What Happens And Who Is Liable?
  • What Is TUPE And How Do Employers Comply?
  • What Is Whistleblowing And How To Deal With It?
  • Women’s Safety In The Workplace

Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Burn Out – What Is It And How To Reduce The Risks?
  • Discover Your Legal Duty Of Care For Employee Mental Health
  • How To Manage Employees With Mental Health Conditions
  • How To Create A Positive Mental Health Culture
  • How To Effectively Manage And Control Psychosocial Hazards
  • How To Identify Triggers Of Stress And Encourage An Employee To Talk
  • Keeping Your Team Mentally Strong
  • Mental Health First Aider [“MHFA”] Training (2 Day Course)
  • Mental Health First Aiders And Champions – What Are Their Roles?
  • Mental Health Tips For A Virtual Office
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Care
  • Spotting The Signs Of Mental Ill Health
  • Supporting Men’s Mental Health In The Workplace
  • The Importance Of Communication
  • What Are Risk Assessments And Why Do They Matter?
  • What Is Neurodiversity?

Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion

  • Dignity at Work Policies
  • Diversity And Inclusion – Closing The Gap Between Rhetoric And Action
  • LGBT+ Inclusion
  • LGBT+ Rights – The History and Future
  • Trans And Non-binary Rights
  • Unacceptable Behaviour and Banter
  • Unconscious Bias
  • What Is Diversity And Inclusion? Why Does It Matter?

People Person Course

  • Unit 1: Diversity & Inclusion and Discrimination
    • Why is D&I important
    • The risks of getting it wrong
    • When exercising discretion, considering issues around unconscious bias
    • Using appropriate language
    • Recruitment considerations
    • Disability discrimination and reasonable adjustments
    • What is a disability?
    • Discrimination – What it is and what are the protected characteristics
    • Review policies and equality statement
    • What Is Diversity And Inclusion? Why Does It Matter?
  • Unit 2: Wellbeing – Managing Mental Health at Work
    • Management Mental Health Training – practical tips for managers
    • How to manage employees with mental health conditions
    • How to keep your team mentally strong
    • What it means to have a psychologically safe work environment
    • How to balance poor performance with mental ill health
    • Create a 12-month plan for wellbeing
  • Unit 3: Strategic Employee Relations
    • Develop and teach managers how to performance manage effectively
    • How to deal with different perspective, conflict and cooperation
    • How to have difficult conversations – working through a range of bespoke difficult scenarios and creating an action plan for how to deal with these
    • How to manage poor mental health with poor performance
    • Effective Communication
    • Active listening
  • Unit 4: People Management and Development of Strategies for Performance
    • How to carry out effective 121s
    • How to identify development needs
    • How to have a two-way conversation
    • How to give and receive feedback
    • How to improve accountability
    • Creating bespoke 1-1 doc for you to roll out to the team
  • Unit 5: Personal Effectiveness
    • Time management
    • Effective delegation
    • Managing effectively regardless of level of seniority
    • How to deal with flexible working requests
  • Unit 6: Learning and Development
    • Developing a skills matrix
    • Identifying skills gaps
    • Delivering effective training
    • Assisting you to consider a training plan for the year
  • Unit 7: Practical Employment Law
    • Any changes coming in Employment Law and the impact on your business
    • Employment law issues that help prepare a defence or settlement claims
    • ACAS – what is the role and how best to deal with ACAS
    • Employment Tribunal Process – What happens and who is liable
  • Unit 8: Managing Managers
    • Reflection of the previous modules, create training you think you could deliver internally
    • Establish which areas we can support you with as a part of your L&D plan

Story Sharing

Our team can also present storytelling sessions on mental health, grief, breakdowns and the power of storytelling, as well as neurodiversity in the workplace. If you think there is anything which we, as individuals, may be able to share with your employees for their development, please just enquire and we will see what we can do.

Mock Employment Tribunal

For those employers who have never been to an Employment Tribunal, we can put together a mock Tribunal for employers to attend and participate. This may help those employers to understand how a Tribunal works; what is cross examination, how are judgments reached, what are witnesses needed for? This is particularly helpful if the employer may face a Tribunal matter at the time, but may also be used in combination with a legal training sessions to explain both the legal structure of a particular issue, but also the consequences of getting it wrong.

Get in touch to discuss your training needs and how we can support you.

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