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Fit Notes: Checklist for Employees and Employers

Also known as: ‘Statement of Fitness for Work’, ‘Fit Notes’ and ‘Med 3 Form’ (or ‘Med 10 Form’ if following hospital treatment).

As of 2022, fit notes:

  • Can be certified by not only doctors/general practitioners (GPs), but also, nurses, occupational health therapists, pharmacists, and physiotherapists (collectively referred to as ‘healthcare professionals’ below).
  • Can be issued digitally (digital fit notes have been embedded within IT systems of primary care settings (GP), but they are not currently available from secondary care settings such as hospitals (this is likely to happen soon)).

Employers must keep the employee’s information confidential and only share it within the company with those who genuinely need it, ie, HR department. The employee must be informed about how their information will be stored and for how long.

For more information, please review the government guidance on getting the most out of the fit note: Guidance for Employers and Line Managers


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