Balancing Misconduct & Unacceptable Behaviour with Employee Mental Health Workshop

July 29 2024
10am -

Senior Associate Solicitor Alicia Collinson is hosting an in-person workshop that will help managers and HR professionals to be aware of how to best balance obligations to support employees’ mental health.

An employee’s mental health condition can impact how they behave, and how they interact with other colleagues or customers. In some cases, it can result in extreme behaviour which could damage the reputation of the business.

For this reason, it’s important for managers and HR professionals to be aware of how-to best balance obligations to support employees’ mental health, but also feel confident in continuing to properly explore consequences for unacceptable behaviour and disciplinaries consequences.

This workshop will discuss the importance of supporting your employees and their mental health, seeking to ensure that you meet your legal obligation to provide a safe working environment and avoid damaging discrimination claims should you get it wrong.

The course will cover the following:

  • What is misconduct and unacceptable behaviour?
  • Disciplinary hearings, how to conduct them – and why does Acas matter?
  • What role does social media or online presence play in misconduct?
  • When a mental health condition or symptoms are a disability – with case studies and discussions.
  • What is disability discrimination? What are the claims and who is liable?
  • What are reasonable adjustments and why are they relevant here?
  • The role occupational health can play.
  • How should misconduct be handled where there are mental health concerns – a case study and work-through.
  • Case studies – employers who got it wrong (and right).

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