The #10000BlackInterns Campaign

What is the campaign?

The campaign is a programme designed to help transform the prospects of young black people in the United Kingdom. The programme will offer paid work experience across a wide range of sectors, providing training and development opportunities and creating a sustainable cycle of mentorship and sponsorship for the Black community. 

“a sustainable, growing expansion in the quality and quantity of opportunities for black people in the UK”.

 Since its launch, the programme has garnered extraordinary support with 200 investment management companies offering internships in the Summer of 2021 to black students in the UK as a way of attracting a more diverse range of talent to their industry.  

Interns will undergo a minimum of four weeks’ work experience and be paid at least the living wage, as set by the Living Wage Foundation.

Why should employers get involved in the programme?

There are many reasons why an employer should consider supporting the #10,000BlackInterns campaign. Mainly to increase the innovation of the company, but with the Black Lives Matter movement being a key focus of debate, protest and support in 2020, the desire to increase the wellbeing and prospects for black lives in the years to come will be more important than ever.

The BLM movement has shown that black lives are still suffering and struggling to receive the same opportunities and facing discrimination in many aspects of life, one being the employment sector. Diversity and inclusion for black communities will be one of the key factors that will make a company appear approachable, diverse and relevant to prospective employees, customers, clients, and investors. Despite the existence of race equalities legislation dating back over 40 years, shockingly the levels of discrimination in employment remain unchanged.

 How will it benefit you as an employer?

  • Establish that you are an employer that promotes diversity and inclusion and values the importance of equality in the workplace.
  • It implies you are an employer who provides development and progression to prospective employees, and this may be well received by both employees and investors.
  • Diversity provides different skills, ideas, talents, experience and minds. This is key to a successful workplace to provide progression and cooperation
“Companies recognise their responsibilities to the societies in which they operate. This is one way for them to have a real impact on society in the long run and to broaden the talent pool from which they can draw.  The goals of creating a diverse workforce and an inclusive economy will happen exponentially faster once we have gender and ethnically diverse leaders.” – Chuka Umunna, former Liberal Democrat MP

What industries are involved so far, could you contribute your services to the programme?

There are currently many leading sectors involved in the programme, offering internships.

  • Accountancy
  • Education
  • Health Data Science
  • Healthcare Management
  • Insurance
  • Investment Management
  • Law
  • Long-term Savings
  • Marketing & Advising and Recruitment

These are all huge sectors, with aspiring levels of development, and opportunity for black lives. However, you may be an employer who could offer something different. Support the campaign today, and you could not only advance the prospects of your business’ success but transform the lives of many black lives by providing opportunities that promote diversity and inclusion.

Do you need to sign a legal agreement to support the campaign?

There is no legal or binding commitment to offer an internship should your plans change. However, there is a good faith ongoing commitment to offer at least one paid internship each year, commencing either in Winter of 2021/2022 and/or Summer of 2022.

How will the programme be funded?

Capstone Investment Advisors, the global alternative asset management firm, will initially fund the launch, with voluntary contributions from participating companies and organisations developing the programme further over time.

Do you need support?

Here at Thrive, we aim to support you in your employment, and experience in the job sector. If you have been subject to race discrimination in applying for work or have experienced discrimination and felt your opportunities have been limited in the workplace due to your identity, please get in touch. Please see our previous statement about our unwavering support for Black Lives Matter here. Our helpline at remains open.

From tribunal claims to draft grievances and appeal letters. We know how daunting the legal process can be for employees, we are here to help. We will take off your case from start to finish ensuring you know exactly where you stand.

We can also support individuals by negotiating settlements agreements with your employer to get the best possible outcome for you. We provide these services whilst being completely transparent as possible with you about the legal cost.

Before commencing work on your behalf, we shall do an initial review and then inform you of any additional costs and ensure you fully understand how your legal fees are calculated, in writing, before proceeding with any case.

Whilst most firms operate on an hourly rate, we prefer to offer our clients a fixed fee (wherever possible) to assist our clients in managing their legal costs.


Please note this blog is for reference purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Specific legal advice about your specific circumstances should always be sought separately before taking or deciding not to take any action. Please contact us if you have any questions on





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