Beth’s Two Months at Thrive

What has happened in my first 2 months in the Thrive Tribe.


My first day seems so long ago now; myself and the firm have grown so much since. Settling in was the easy part and the hardest was constantly having to be prepared for the unexpected.

I’ve been on hand alongside work experience in making our Instagram page which has been a huge success, I am especially proud to get the firm out there on social media platforms. I hope the page will break the stigma about ‘stuffy’ old law firms and lawyers! We do have a life outside of the office, and we are vibrant women who are approachable and dedicated to our firm, our services, our clients and generally everyone we come across.

Being involved with client work and having my own supervised files has been a great opportunity where I know I am making a difference and the clients do trust me to act in their best interests.

It makes the late nights in the library when I was a Law Student worth it when I can apply what I learnt to real life situations!

The most stressful parts of my day are when we get unexpected calls or emails and we have to do a quick turnover of work, but I enjoy it just as much when we meet the deadlines and produce great quality work.

Our Launch party was one of my first opportunities to meet clients, friends, family and supporters of the firm in an official capacity. It was an amazing afternoon and I felt such pride in our firm and Jodie.

Being supported by Jodie and Imogen has allowed me to progress my training without being scared to ask questions- no question is a stupid one- and to be allowed to put my own stamp on my work. I hope to be just as successful as them when I turn 30!

I still wake up feeling blessed to be living the life I have trained for since I was 16 years old, on the journey I am now taking to qualify as a Solicitor. 6 years later and I still love the law just as much.

I have recently been given the opportunity to be on the Junior Lawyers Division Committee which I have to thank Jodie for supporting me and having faith me in me to apply.

A huge thanks to Jodie, Imogen, Chantel, Emelia and all past, present and future work experience people, you make my day even more enjoyable and successful!

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