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A mental health programme helping businesses to change their approach to employee mental health

If you’re looking to take better care of your employee’s mental health, it’s never too late to take that first step. With the Thrive Wellbeing Programme, you can. Created by solicitors and offering expert guidance and support throughout your subscription, you’ll be better at looking after their mental health in no time.

“I was incredibly impressed by the support that it gives, not just to me but my team”
Kath Hutchinson, Managing Director, Secret Event Service

Our 12-month wellbeing programme package is dedicated to helping you and your team champion mental health and offers something for everyone. The Thrive Wellbeing Programme has various online modules to complete, with guides for management, template policies, forms and emails, all ready to download and use in your business. As well as all these resources at your fingertips, you’ll receive regular email and video updates to help you keep the conversations going, and you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of 1-2-1 support from a dedicated, qualified solicitor.

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1 in 3 UK employees have a long term health condition

138.7 million working days are lost each year due to employee ill-health
(ONS, 2014)

1 in 5 working-age adults have contemplated taking their own life
(APMS, 2014)

Employee ill-health is at an all-time high. Mental health problems alone cost UK businesses on average £1,652 per employee per year
(Deloitte 2020)

For Managers
No matter what level of management you are, there are always ways to improve your understanding and enhance your knowledge. With access to advice on how to start hard to have conversations or how you can lead your team in the best possible way, all while taking their mental health and well being into consideration, the Thrive Well being Programme can help to tackle these issues head-on knowing you have the support and resource behind you. Working hand in hand with our Mental Health Champion training, we’ll ensure you’re fully equipped to tackle problems and have the know how around how to have those conversations as they will crop up in your workplace.

For HR Departments
The HR world can feel like a minefield at times. At Thrive, we understand the challenges you and your team face day-to-day, and we’re here to help. Your membership to the Thrive Wellbeing Programme gives you easy access to a variety of well being focused policies for your business, ready to download at the click of a button. Created by solicitors, we’ve been able to identify challenges and develop policies that will make a difference, giving you clear communication around initiatives, mental health and equal opportunities.

For Employees
Your one-stop-shop for all thing’s mental health and well being. Our Programme is there to help and support you, giving you all the tools you need to feel empowered. With all the guidance, and information you need at your fingertips, you’ll be able to thrive in the workplace with confidence. Remember, your mental health isn’t linear and one size doesn’t fit all. With regular initiatives emailed right to your inbox, you’ll get a more holistic approach to training and become a mental health champion for life.

The Thrive Wellbeing Programme evolves with you. No matter when you, your management team or employees need to log on during your subscription, everyone will get access to their own individual area.


Informed by the latest research from over 10,000 papers


Access to qualified, regulated and thought-leading solicitors

Return on investment

Healthy employees are more productive

Community Driven

Regular updated information, initiatives and videos to keep up to date with the changing landscape

Proactive not reactive

Prevention and early intervention is more effective than cure

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