Managing Stress in the Workplace

One of the biggest causes of mental ill health in the workplace is stress, but how many business owners are aware of the pressure and stress they’re putting their team under? At Thrive Law, Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace is really important to us. I want to share with you some of the main areas that cause stress in the workplace so that as employers and employees, we can be more aware of the impact that our actions can have. If we become aware, we can make changes to our actions and improve not only the culture but also the performance of our business. 

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Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines – argh!! 

THINKare the deadlines that we’re giving our team realistic? If pressure is coming from a client then we need to manage expectations better. A rushed job under pressure will not deliver the results that we want to be remembered for. 

ABILITY – does the team have the ability or experience to deliver what we are asking of them? 

APPROACHABLEmake sure that the team feel able to voice their concerns about a project or deadline so that together you can work on finding the right solution that doesn’t cause undue stress. 

I can’t do this on my own! 

INITIATIVEencourage the team to use their initiative when thinking about the best resources or processes to use to deliver their particular project. 

ENCOURAGEis there opportunity for the team to learn new skills which will help them to deliver under less pressure. 

CONSULTEDthe team should be consulted on the work patterns required to get their ‘buy in’ from the start. 

Lately it feels like there are constant new announcements and changes in the organisation… 

INFORMATIONmake sure that you’re providing employees with the right information and at the right time so that they have the opportunity to understand the reasons for the proposed changes and the impact they will have on their role. 

We don’t always work together as one team. 

BEHAVIOURS – promote positive behaviours amongst the team to avoid conflict and challenge. 

POLICIES – make sure you have policies in place to prevent or deal with unacceptable behaviour should it be an issue. 

VALUES – you should have a strong set of values that you hold as a business. If you recruit based on values you should develop the right culture in your business. 

TEAM – you are a team so make sure you get an opportunity to come together as a team both in work time but also socially, so that you can build relationships and get to know each another. 

There’s always focus on the negative rather than the positive! 

SUPPORT – are there systems and processes in place that prompt line managers to support their team and for colleagues to support each other. 

FEEDBACK – make sure there is a process for regular and constructive feedback amongst teams. 

UNDERSTAND – employees should have the right information so that they understand their roles and responsibilities. 

RESOURCES – make sure the teams are aware of the resources that are available to enable them to perform well within their role. 

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