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June’s Top 10 FAQ’s

Monthly FAQ's


The following are the most common questions which we received in the last month. These questions came both from our HR clients, conversations on our tHRive Club on Facebook, and through our free coronavirus and BLM helplines


What’s next after Furlough?

The furlough scheme is set to come to an end in October 2020. For a lot of people, this has to lead to the question of what next? You can read our blog on the future of furlough here and watch this space for details of the future after a furlough with the kick starter scheme and furlough bonus which is set to be introduced after the scheme has ended.

Disability and Shielding

So many people have asked about being shielded, and what protection this affords them. Similarly, employers have asked how to support shielded employees in their return to work, as the shielding requirements soon come to an end.

We have posted a blog about employees who are shielded, many of whom also have a disability. We have answered some of the common questions we were being asked which you can read here.

How to return to work safety following Covid-19

As employees contribute to return to work, a common question is how to ensure workplaces made “safe”. We covered that in our blog here.

Is a four day week the future?

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from coronavirus and the crisis, it’s that flexibility is possible, and is likely to be encouraged in the near future. Could UK employers follow in the footsteps of New Zealand by introducing a four-day working week? You can read our blog on a four-day working week here. 

How to utilise technology for mental health support during Covid-19

Mental health is now creeping to the top of the agenda for many businesses as they try to restart and bring people back. We have put together a blog on some useful ways in which you could use technology to help with your mental health, you can find our blog here.

How to calculate notice pay for employees on furlough

Are you unsure of the notice pay an employee should receive when they have agreed to accept 80% of their salary under the furlough scheme? You can read our blog on how to calculate notice pay for employees on furlough here.

Test and Trace Update

On 28 May 2020, the Test and Trace scheme commenced under which people will be contacted by “contact tracers” and told to self-isolate, where they have come into contact with a person who tests positive. You can read our blog on Test and Trace, and how that will impact workplaces, employees and employers, here.

The effect of unfurloughing employees

As businesses start to return to the workplace, what does this mean for the employees returning to work? You can read our blog on the possible mental health effects of unfurloughing employees here. 

Discrimination and Mental Health

Aside from the events of 2020, an interesting recent case provided more guidance on reasonable adjustments and mental ill-health. In this case, the Claimant suffered from reactive depression as a result of her bullying and harassment from two colleagues. She agreed to come back, on the condition that she didn’t have to work with those employees. It was found by the EAT that this condition was a reasonable adjustment and the employer’s refusal was disability discrimination. You can read our summary of the case of Hill v Lloyds Bank Plc here. 

Black Lives Matter

Another common question has been our stance on black lives matter. Our blog on the role of HR professionals in tackling racism in the workplace is here.


Our helplines remain open, and we continue to support thousands of people for free.

By the Thrive Tribe.


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